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Community Service Programs

Arts and Culture

The Arts and Culture Program encourages members to promote and support arts activities in their clubs, schools, and communities. It is designed to inspire clubwomen and ignite within them a desire to make their world a more beautiful place.


Projects include:

  • Competing in local, district and state arts/crafts shows

  • Craft workshops for members

  • Donating art and craft supplies to schools

  • Hosting student art exhibits

  • Touring local museums

Civic Engagement and Outreach

The goal of this program is to create a better quality of life and foster a sense of community.

Projects include:

  • Supporting our local veterans

  • Supporting children and mothers in need

  • Supporting families dealing with serious illness

Environmental Issues

This program encourages us to become stewards of the earth by preserving our natural resources and our community’s history.

Projects include:

Education and Libraries

The Education and Libraries Program seeks to promote a commitment to lifelong learning and to support educational and literacy opportunities in our community. 


Projects include:

  • Book Review and Discussion Group

  • Providing library books for local elementary schools

  • Supporting public libraries

  • Supporting Star Center Theatre

Health and Wellness

The goal of this program is to promote a healthy lifestyle; increase awareness and personal development; and prevent or correct financial difficulties focusing on the personal development for women, children and the homeless.


Projects include:

  • Collecting clothing for women in need 

  • Collecting food items for local food bank

  • Collecting personal care items for nursing home residents

  • Providing workshops for women on topics of aging, financial independence and health issues

Other Community Programs

These are scheduled activities held in the clubhouse and open to the membership and guests.


Creative Cooking: Members share creative cooking ideas and sample their gourmet dishes during monthly luncheons.  Recipes and cooking tips are provided. Lunch is at 11:00 a.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month unless notified otherwise.  There is a theme for each month and if attending you are asked to bring a dish to complement the theme.


Game Day: Members gather regularly to enjoy each other’s company while playing Mahjong and Bunco. 

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